Our Philosophy

About us : Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is part of our philanthropic program which always seeks to ‘give something back’ to the communities in the areas that we travel to. Our current initiative is a Voluntary program that we call ‘enjoy your holidays with a purpose’. The concept behind our pet Project range of trips is based on a culture of “travel with a purpose”. We plan to form small group adventures, each about two weeks in length, where trek members commit four to five days of their holiday to making a difference to a community in need in areas of health, education & agriculture. A part of the traveler’s contribution fee goes towards helping the local folks in impact areas for costs needed to buy raw material.

When you plan your holidays with us, the knowledge we’ve gained over the years has taught us to give you sense of comfort that gets as close to you when at home; you become a virtual part of the Off Road Adventure family. India and Nepal is a part of our corner of the world & we know every part of its ground intimately. We love our country passionately, & we want to share it with similar souls who enjoy the thrills of the wild. We are proud to showcase the lush green Himalayas to the world!

Join us for a Happy Holiday in the High & Wild of the Himalayas of Nepal and India…& discover a world you’ve never known…a world that opens out avenues into self discovery…where you were born free…as free as the birds fly across the silver grey Himalayas…streaking across bright blue skies into the twilights of the day…for a better world tomorrow.

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