Social Contribution

About us : Social Contribution

Off Road Adventure is dedicated in implementing the social support from the profit the company generates. As our foremost criteria are for the education and welfare of the children and community based school, we donate 10% profit to the needy children as well as the organization.

We believe if the children are well educated and well enough to stand on their destiny then the tomorrow of our country will certainly be stronger as the base is strong. So, providing the right education and support to them will create a better future for them as well for the country.

We have also put our effort into road construction, drinking water supply, and community health service in some remote and underprivileged area. Sometimes we also launch awareness programs against environmental degradation due to unhealthy practices, social problems, superstitions, old beliefs still prevailing in our society that have been proved to be barriers to social development. We have noticed tremendous changes in people due to such campaigns and interaction programs. Recently we have set up Off road adventure foundation which is eyeing to expand its charitable programs to most of the disadvantaged and underdeveloped remote areas of India and Nepal.

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