Sport Climbing

As Sport Climbing is a climbing in Artificial wall ,Climbing Routes can be changed depending on your climbing ability, So No worry if You are Professional climber or first timer we will put you on climbing of your level.

Additional information

Sport Climbing (Wall climbing) is one of the Increasing popular sports in India. It is the popular form of rock climbing. Wall climbing is mostly considered as an indoor sport, but there are also some climbing institutes where it is done outdoor. It resembles rock climbing. The only difference between rock climbing and wall climbing is that the rock climbing is natural whereas wall climbing is artificial.
Darjeeling provides one of the most advance sport climbing wall in India, Various Climbing Competitions are being held here. There is No issue of weather too as Darjeeling provides Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Climbing wall making climbing available for all season. As Sport Climbing is a climbing in Artificial wall, Climbing Routes can be changed depending on your climbing ability, So No worry if You are Professional climber or first timer we will put you on climbing of your level. During Your Climbing session Off Road Adventure will Provide you all Climbing Equipments with professional Rock Climbing Instructors, Most Are Top Climbers of India.

Our day sport climbing activity is a hit when it comes to families ,friends and even college / school groups, It’s also best for those who have a day in hand and want to try something adventurous in Darjeeling. No previous sport climbing experience is needed for. this activity. Our Instructors will teach you basic sport climbing techniques with proper lecture and demonstration right at the outset. At the next stage you will be taught to put up your equipments and basic rope knots used for climbing. After this you are ready to climb with our instructor who will be belaying you . During our day rock climbing program you will also get a chance to try rappelling , a technique used to descend with help of equipments. It is used to minimize on time consumption while descending after reaching a certain place.
Our day sport climbing program will make you trained enough to enable you to climb all by yourself anytime and anywhere in future. The best time for sport Climbing in Darjeeling can be any time of the year except the monsoon. For this program you can choose the details of itineraries as per your convenience.

  • Climbing Equipment
  • Climbing Wall
  • Instructor
  • Transportation

  • Expenses of Personal : Telephone, Alcohols, Cold Drinks, Entry fee of places and Personal Insurance
  • Covers immediate medical facilities
  • Extra expenses due to unforeseen circumstances like landslide, strike, accidents, natural calamities, ropeway and tips etc

How Safe is it?

The experience and achievements of the young climbers speak volumes about how skilled they are. And when it comes to your safety and well being these professionals will make sure in every possible way to keep you safe. We also use Equipments from trusted brands with proper climbing setups. For the beginners we do Top Belay(A Technique where a rope will be securely fastened to the top anchor of the Rock Face).Therefore even if the climber falls during his climb he will not hit the ground as he is well harnessed to the rope attached to the apex of the rock while the other end of his rope will be attached to the second person belaying him making the climb as well as the fall hundred percent safe.

Note : The above schedule is flexible to a great extent as per the needs of the customers. Please let us know if you would like to go for other fulfilled adventure activities like camping, paragliding, hot air ballooning, trekking, hiking etc . We will be happy to add whatever we can to make your visit to Darjeeling and India a memorable one.