Renting a motorcycle or going on our Guided Motorbike Tours requires asking questions and making sure everything needed is catered for.

We love to hear from people and answer enquiries, but here is a list of some questions and answers which may be helpful without needing to compose an email. Email us any time with any questions you may have and we will be more than happy to help.


1.    Do I need a Driver’s License?

Yes, you Definitely need it. 
2.    Do you rent helmets?
Yes, we do, Rider’s Helmet are included Free of charge. Any extra Helmet is charged at 50 Rs/Day.
3. What Age Do I have to be to rent a motorbike?
You have to be at least 21 years old.
4.    What are the rents for your bikes ?
Please Refer to our Bike Rental’s Rates Section.
5.    How old are your bikes?
Most of our bikes are less then 1 years old. Almost all our bikes are new.
6.    What happens if the motorcycle breaks down?
All the Bikes are Serviced at Authorized Royal enfield Workshop. So there are very less chanced of breakdown. Still the bike has to be tested by you. In case you feel there’s any trouble with the bike, you let us know and we fix it right away. If any mechanical problems occur after that, we provide a no-fee service until 6 Kms. 
7.    What happens if I crash the rental bike?
if you crash your rented bike, the bike will be transported to the nearest garage .The damage to the bike will be assessed by the local garage which will do the repair, if possible. The bill for the repair will have to be paid by the renter. If the bike cannot be repaired, then your journey is over. No refund will be given on missed rental days and the cost of the transportation of the damaged bike back to the rental station of origin will be added to the repair bill which will be payed by Hirer.
8.    What documents do I need to rent a motorcycle? 
You need your motorcycle driving license , i.d proof and a passport.
9.    What is the security Deposit for the bikes?
If the bike is rented locally, then the deposit is Rs 15000, One Original Identity Proof with Address and Photo. If the Bike is Rented for Sikkim,  the Security deposit for the bike is 25,000 Rs.
10.Are your motorcycle rentals for set periods? 
No,you can rent any number of days.
11.Do you give discounts?
Yes we Do. Please have a look at our Coupon Section for more information.
12. Can I reserve a motorcycle over the phone?
Sorry you can’t. you have to book online , our website is payment gateway integrated so you can pay online.
13. When should I reserve a motorcycle?
Entire year bookings are open.During October to May months season are high so its advisable to book bikes in advance.  Last minute rentals are also possible, if there will be something available, but probably not what you are looking for.
14. How do I go about reserving a motorcycle?
First of all send an email on [email protected] asking for availability of the bike of your wishes out of the models listed in the Rental section. You should then fill the booking form and submit it on the site itself. Once you get an answer on what is available you will be asked to process the advance payment for the bike. Then your rental will be then confirmed by email.
15. Do you offer discounts for groups?
Yes we do. If you are a group of 4 riders or more. Please look at our Group Deals Section for more information.
16. Do you offer one way rentals?
Yes, We do. Please look at our One way Deals section.
17. I have never ridden a scooter before, can I still rent?
Of Course. We are more then happy to help you with that too, only thing being that you know how to ride a bicycle.
18. Do you just rent motorbikes or can you arrange a motorcycle holiday? 
Yes we do. Please look at our Tours Section.
19. Are all of your bikes equipped with luggage support ?
 Only Royal Enfield’s are equipped with luggage racks and also have place to put Jerry cans.
20. Can we leave our luggage at your base? How Much Does it Cost?
Yes, we can securely store any item at our base until you return and we can even courier your luggage to your forward location if hiring one way. If you are picking up the luggage from same place u left it, its free of charge. But if u need to get it sent somewhere else, extra charges apply.
21. Is there a extra charge for an additional Rider?
No there isn’t. But only the Person renting the bike is supposed to drive the bike. 
22. How do I pay for the rental?
If you are in India you can transfer the booking amount in our bank account. If you are outside india you can send us money through Paypal. The Balance money is paid in our office when you collect your bikes.
23. Where can I find out about current road conditions?
You can always drop us a message and we will update you with the road status. We can update you in a much better way then any website can do.
24. Can you give me some tips about where to go?
Yes, we can. Whether you go for one day or three weeks, we are more than happy to customize a tour for you. We also have maps for you. If you Prefer to take day tours , you can look at our Day Tours Section.
25. Do you supply locks?
Yes all of our motorcycles/scooters come with a built in lock. If you are hiring a bike for long term and want to go for touring, we provide you with a disk lock as well as Chain Lock. 
26. How far is it to:
Bhutan – 484 Kms, North Sikkim – 214 Kms , Darjeeling  – 64 Kms, Guwahati – 475 Kms and Kathmandu is 460 Kms.
27. Do you supply motorcycle gear?
We only supply helmets.
28. Do you sell riding gear and helmets?
Sorry We Don’t.
29. Is there accommodation near you?
Yes there is.
30. What if I have to end my trip early?
The rent is charged for the days agreed upon in the Contract.
31. Do you have a refund policy?
If you need to cancel your booking 2 Months before your departure date, 50% of your deposit will be refunded. If cancellation is received less than 2 months before the departure date, there will be no refund.

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