To rent a bike in Darjeeling is a great choice for people who want to visit the areas in and near Darjeeling; and also for people who are traveling towards other destinations like North Sikkim and Doars. Even though Darjeeling is one of the most favorite hill stations of our country, moving around here locally can really become a problem. There is not much of public transport available and hiring a private taxi is not really a budget options. In this case, renting a bike can really be a continent and cost effective way to manage your visit.

And it is not just about visiting Darjeeling locally. Darjeeling lies at a center point for a trip to Sikkim,Nepal and Bhutan. These places are commonly referred to as a “Biker’s paradise”. Thousands of people travel each year to live their dream of riding a bike across the rough terrains of Bhutan and Sikkim. The long winding roads, the serpentine turns, soaring mountains, and an amazing bike to explore the hills. Sounds like the ultimate travel paradise, doesn’t it? Whether you are a solo traveller or a group of day-trippers, exploring the alluring charm of the hills does call for a bike excursion.

Before you venture out in the hills of Darjeeling or Sikkim with a bike in tow, here is everything you need to know. Sure, it will be the thrill of a lifetime. But, before going on an adventure, it’s always best to go prepared.



Why you should Visit Darjeeling in Bike?

You can visit Darjeeling either by taxi or bus it’s your choice but visiting Darjeeling on a bike or scooter is something special. While you visit Darjeeling in two-wheeler you can feel the fresh air as well as the fragrance that will tell you about the beautiful season. So it is highly recommended for the couple as well as friends. There are many advantages of riding on a bike in Darjeeling. You will never stick in a traffic jam in season. Traffic Jam is one of the regular problems in Darjeeling in season. So there is only one way to bypass that jam is you must ride on two-wheeler.

Cheaper and Faster :

Taxis are very expensive during season time in Darjeeling, renting a bike is always good for budget traveler. Its also much faster to visit different locations of Darjeeling in a bike.Normally it takes 2 days to visit different tourist points of Darjeeling in taxi but if you plan properly,you can easily visit the entire tourist spot of Darjeeling in 1 day with bike.

The place to Rent/Lease a Bike/Motorbike in Darjeeling or Siliguri

First and the foremost factor, there are a number of tour/journey operators/mechanical workshops/mechanics in Darjeeling or Siliguri who provide companies for renting or hiring a motorcycle or motorbike in Darjeeling area. Simply just remember to take a look at the bike completely, perceive the condition and all times attempt to just remember to lease them after seeing the bike somewhat over a cellphone. There was the blended response of travelers after reserving bikes over cellphone with few ugly condition being reported as effectively.

Documentation Required for Bike Rentals in Darjeeling

This is where you need to pay close attention because these documents can make or break your trip. Always remember to carry your driver’s license in original as it will be verified before renting out the bike/scooter to you.

If you don’t have a driving license or don’t know how to drive, we will refuse to rent out the bike to you. Along with your driver’s license, you need to carry other ID proofs as well. Your ID proof will be deposited before renting out the bike to you and returned at the time of returning the bike. Don’t be alarmed! This is standard practice.

From where i can rent bike in Darjeeling District??

You can rent bike from Darjeeling or Siliguri. We provide bikes in Siliguri and Darjeeling both.You can start your tour from siliguri,hire the bike from siliguri and enjoy your tour in darjeeling and you can leave the bike in darjeeling also or drop it back at siliguri.

The Breakdown:

We provide support of pick ups from any part of Darjeeling if road is connected,we have very good contacts with people in almost every part of Darjeeling region so it wont be a issue if you are in far flung places of Darjeeling region.

If you are travelling to high altitude region of sikkim like lachen, lachung or gurongdomar,we will provide you contact number of few person who will be happy to help you at this places.

We also provide you primary tool kit if you are hiring the bike for more then 3 days.

Can I Rent a bike in Siliguri and leave it in Darjeeling?

Sure this too is a choice offered by us,you can leave the bike in Darjeeling but you will charged.

Should you pay a safety deposit with the intention to lease a bike in Darjeeling or Siliguri?

No journey agent or mechanic would lend you a motorcycle without the safety deposit. The precise quantity of the deposit can differ extremely, it might probably vary wherever from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 or perhaps much more. Normally we allow you to pay a part of the deposit and take relaxation as a cheque or perhaps preserve your bank card or another doc as safety deposit for the remaining quantity. Quantity can depend upon how outdated the motorbike is. This quantity, after all, shall be refunded to you once you return the motorbike. If there is any kind of damage internally or externally, the restore price shall be deducted from the deposit. If there isn’t any damage on bike , your deposit will be refunded in full.

Luggage Storage

We offer to store your luggage securely while you go on your bike ride and will even courier it to you at the destination of your choice if you opt for a one-way rental. Storage is provided free of cost, but you will need to pay courier/transportation charges if you need them to send it somewhere else.

Vehicle Recovery Policy

None of us wants it to happen. But, before going on a bike tour, it is important to know what will happen in case the bike meets a crash.
In case of a crash, the bike is transported to the nearest service centre where the mechanics will assess the damage caused to the bike. Almost all dealers recover the cost of repair from the hirer. So, if you crash the bike anywhere, be prepared to bear the cost of repairs.
If the bike is damaged beyond repair, then the general policy is to not offer any refund to the hirer. So, let’s say, in a journey of 6 days if you crash the bike beyond repair on the 3rd day, you won’t get any refund for the remaining three days. Also, the cost of transportation of the damaged bike to the original rental station will be added to your bill.

So, other than safety reasons, this is another reason to drive very responsibly and very carefully.

Cost of Bikes for Rent in Darjeeling & Siliguri

The cost depends on the type of vehicle and also the duration of the rental. Bikes and scooters are usually offered at a per-day rate. You can rent a vehicle for any number of days.

Also, keep in mind that you need to pay a refundable security deposit to the rental company which can range anywhere from INR 5000 to INR 30000, depending on the type of vehicle and the destination for which you are renting the vehicle. For outstation rentals, the security deposit is much higher than local rentals, usually between INR 10000 and 50000.

Best Time to Make Bookings

Most bike rentals in Darjeeling and siliguri allow bookings on payment of a certain sum. For peak season from September to April, it is better to book a few weeks in advance. For rest of the season, bookings can be made days in advance.

Tips for Renting a Bike in Darjeeling or Siliguri

Renting a bike is now so popular that you won’t probably think twice before landing in Darjeeling, choosing a nice looking vehicle and zooming on to explore the hills. But, like all other adventurous activities, it is important to be careful on this journey. Here is everything that you need to keep in mind, before and after renting a bike and during your expedition.

  • Most places require the driver to be 20 years of age or older. Remember this as the first thing before planning a bike trip to save yourself from disappointment.
  • When you opt for outstation bike rentals in Darjeeling or Siliguri, it is always a good idea to spend a day in Siliguri or Darjeeling testing the bike. The bike may be worn down due to repeated use and this way, if you encounter any problem in the bike, you can get it fixed before venturing out long distance or even get it replaced with another bike.
  • Even when making bookings online, you have the option to pay a certain amount in advance and pay the rest later.
  • It is one of the most crucial parts of a bike rental to make sure that the Registration Certificate (RC), Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, and insurance documents are valid and updated. Read these documents thoroughly and carefully when the dealer hands them out to you.
  • Make sure that you carry spare fuel with you if you are visiting North Sikkim. Mileage differs from one two-wheeler from other and dealers may exaggerate the mileage when renting out the vehicle. Be very very safe than very very sorry and carry more spare fuel than you think you will be needing.
  • You need to drop off the bike at the same location where you picked it up. You can contact the dealer if you have any special requests and they might assist you on a case-to-case basis.
  • If you think you are going to be late in dropping off the bike, always inform the dealer/field representative as we may charge you a fine if you are late in dropping off the bike without notifying us in advance.
  • Now, this one is just to make sure you cover all your bases, and we never wish for it to happen. But, if you have a medical condition, please do carry a medical information card listing out what needs to be done if you encounter a medical emergency and are not conscious enough to guide others about your condition.
  • Lastly, always follow traffic rules, drive responsibly, and never, drink & drive.