You have known us for years. You have heard or read about our success stories. Some of you have even tried our services and appreciated the quality and the professionalism we deliver. Now, it’s time to get acquainted with the force behind this success, ‘ OUR TEAM ‘.
Though we come from different field, all of us involved with Off Road Adventure are driven by a common goal, that is; to utilize personal skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction through exclusive trekking experience, and promote the tourism industry of the country in every possible way. To make this happen, we provide exceptionally active administration and diligent and smart off-site staffs that are very passionate about the things they do. Together, we come up with innovative ideas to provide some of the most wonderful opportunities to trekkers who are planning their trek in the land on India, Nepal and Bhutan.
Off Road adventure team is divided into two teams, on-site and off-site team. Each member of the team are handpicked so that they can best utilize their potential to design a wonderful holiday for you. Also, each member whether is be from the on-site team or the off-site team, is considered as an asset of this company. Let’s get introduced to some of the members of our team.

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