Trekking in India, When it comes to getting close to nature, there is no better way to do so than by packing your rucksack and heading on for trekking in India. The diverse landscapes that this country has been bestowed with make it the perfect setting for exploring nature whilst experiencing adrenaline rush. From the snow capped mountain ranges of Himalayas to rough glaciers to frozen rivers to delightfully colorful valleys of flowers. Indian landscape has some of the most amazing treks which could accommodate varied degrees of difficulty. Trekking in India is not only a physical journey but also a spiritual alone too.

The trekking places in India are spread across the country, but it is the Himalayas, that take the top position. To delve further into the same topic, a list of some fantabulous hiking destinations and routes that offer memorable experiences to the travelers has been compiled below.

Treks in Darjeeling

Treks in Sikkim

Treks in Ladakh

7 Important Tips For High Altitude Hiking

Find out what it takes to get to the top.

High altitude hiking is one of the most challenging and rewarding outdoor activities that you need to add to your summer adventure list right now. From the goechala trek to the sandakphu, to international treks up everest base camp and in Nepal, hiking at high altitude gives you a unique and unforgettable look at some of the most desolate places in the world.

Like any extreme adventure, while you’re picking out the perfect camera to bring and dreaming of your quintessential summit sunrise, you’ll need to prepare accordingly and remember these tips for a successful high altitude hike.

The truth is, there’s no real way to train for high altitude other than being there yourself. So above all else, make sure you have the chance to acclimate, hydrate, and prepare for the time of your life.

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